Board Committees are headed by a member of the Board, but they may include Friends who are not on the Board. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees, please contact us.

Book Sales

  • Organize, staff and oversee Book Sales
  • Recruit and schedule volunteers for set up, sale and take down
  • Organize and oversee membership, counting and payment stations
  • Monitor table/floor areas during sale; continuously fill empty spaces
  • Arrange for shopping bags, book disposal and box storage

Book Store

  • Organize, staff and oversee Book Store
  • Maintain adequate inventory; rotate as needed
  • Monitor store policy and payment procedures
  • Recruit, schedule and train volunteers

Book Sorting

  • Organize, staff and oversee book sorting and pricing
  • Determine optimal sales venue (store, sales, other)
  • Price, categorize and shelve books for Book Store
  • Categorize, shelve and/or box books for Book Sales


  • Approve standing committee chairs and candidates for vacant officer positions
  • Approve all requests for unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $100
  • Approve any other matters that require Board approval between meetings when, in the President’s judgment, it is not feasible to obtain such approval through electronic or telephonic means


  • Review and recommend financial and investment policy
  • Oversee annual budget process and review all requests for unbudgeted expenditures in excess of $100
  • The Chair of the Finance Committee shall assume the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer


  • Recruit and recommend new Board members and annual slate
  • Review and recommend committee structure and leadership
  • Review and ensure compliance with Bylaws


  • Develop and execute strategy for member recruitment/retention
  • Process new member applications and maintain membership database


  • Prepare press releases
  • Produce Newsletter
  • Manage website
  • Design marketing materials

Special Events

  • Oversee all special events, including Meet-the-Author program, library staff appreciation lunches, refreshments for Book Sales, and Friends social events.


Book Discussions (“Books Sandwiched In”). Selects and facilitates discussion of noteworthy works of fiction and non-fiction.

Meet-the-Author Teas. Arranges for readings and discussion by published authors.