About the Friends

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of the Chapel Hill Public Library is an association of persons committed to furthering the excellence of Chapel Hill Public Library by raising money for library needs, sponsoring programs for adults and children, and fostering interest in the Chapel Hill Public Library.

Friends contribute money and time:  Money in the form of annual dues and time through many and varied volunteer opportunities that raise money for the library and are an opportunity to enjoy making new friends who share your interests.

In 2013 the Friends added a Book Store to their fund raising efforts. Until now the sale of thousands of donated books was limited to periodic book sales. Now we are able to sell books all year long in the store just inside the Library’s lower entrance.

Why should you become a Friends member?

Be part of a dynamic growing group that supports the Chapel Hill Public Library:  Friends membership fees, and money raised through book sales and special projects (including the sale of 320 engraved pavers for the new library terrace) support a variety of ongoing library needs, including children’s and adult programming, book club kits and enhanced collections. In 2013, the Friends provided an opening day gift of $185,000 to the library to provide furniture, equipment and decoration for a renovated and enlarged children’s area along with other library equipment. A $25 year’s membership is the equivalent of buying the gift of a new book for 100 people or more.

Be the first to know:  In addition to providing library support, Friends members receive regular advance communication about library and Friends activities and Friends only first day shopping at used book sales with a colorful newsletter and e-mail.

Why should you become a Friends volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with others who share your interests and turn your talents, skills and time into benefits for the Library. Volunteers are needed to help sort, price and shelve used books for the new Friends Bookstore. Many new Friends volunteers are needed to staff the store during library hours. We also need Friends volunteers to arrange programs and special events, maintain our website and publicize our activities.

Friends Board Committees are a great way to involved in areas that are of interest to you.

Join the Friends today!

See a video slideshow about the Friends and the Chapel Hill Public Library (created September 2010; via YouTube).

Our Bylaws — Adopted at the April 21, 2016 Membership Meeting (PDF).

How does the Friends raise funds?

Funds are raised by membership fees and proceeds from used book sales.

How much does the Friends contribute to the Library annually?

The Friends are proud to be able to contribute over $50,000 to the Library annually.

How is the money used by the Library?

Friends dollars are used to pay for children’s and adult programming, the Friends Bookshelf (multiple copies of the most popular titles so that the Library’s collection budget can be used to buy additional titles rather than multiple copies of one title), the Library’s movie license, the summer and winter reading programs, the Banned Book Trading Cards, staff education and in a myriad of other ways that enhance the services provided by the Library.

When the expanded Library opened in 2013, the Friends special gift of $185,000 was used for furnishings and additions to the children’s area and the teen room, including the mural seen at the top of this web site which is on the wall of the children’s area and in their program room. The trees in front of the mural provide special reading nooks for happy young readers.

The Friends of the Chapel Hill Public Library also sponsor a number of activities and programs including the Friends Book Store, Big Book Sales, the Books Sandwiched In Book Club, and Meet-the-Author Teas. All Friends programs are free and open to the public.

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